Residential Weekly Service

Full Service – starting at $85 per week (no bi-weeklys)

  • Chemical balance – Our top priority. We ensure that your pool is LSi balanced meaning it is not corrosive or scaling any more than reasonably possible. Pools do swing in pH over the course of week and we do as much as possible to keep the pool in range between visits. We will bring all chemicals necessary to keep the pool in balance. We offer installation of chemical automation systems that can aid in maintaining the best water quality on a consistent basic possible. We stock all necessary chemicals on our vehicles and will use only what’s needed.
  • Mechanical condition – we will monitor the pool equipment in a effort to catch any issues or failing equipment before it becomes an issue. This includes pumps, filters, heater, sanitizing equipment, auto covers, water features, automation systems, and more depending on the pool.
  • Cleaning – we have invested in vacuum systems for all our trucks that allow us to remove the most debris from the pool easily on each visit without putting that debris through your circulation system Sometimes it is necessary to use the pool system to remove debris as well. We empty any baskets or strainers that need emptied and will skim and brush the pool as needed.